Before You Film Checklist
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Ready to film? Before you hit record, use this checklist to make sure you've got everything covered.

Camera Settings
You want the video files that you upload to be as small as possible. Bigger files take a long time to upload and do not significantly improve your students' viewing experience.

I am using my iPhone or other smart phone:
 ☐ I am filming with my phone in a horizontal position and not vertical.
 ☐ I have a tripod for my phone so it remains steady.
 ☐ I will send the video file to my computer right after I film so I don’t fill up my storage on my phone.
I am using a camcorder:
 ☐ Movie format is set as MP4 (not HD).
 ☐ Video quality is set at low rate (lower than the manufacturer’s default). For example, we suggest 4mb/sec (default on the Canon Vixia is 17mb/sec).
 ☐ I am using the Canon Vixia and have checked out this link for more information on this camera’s settings.

Sound Check
☐ Mic (if using) is recording sound.
☐ No echo and my voice is clear.
Space Check
 ☐ My space is tidy and clean.
 ☐ I am filming in a rented space and I do have a location waiver.

Lighting Check
 ☐ I am well lit with no shadows (filming outdoors is best in early morning or late afternoon).
 ☐ I am not filming in front of a window or facing the sun.

Framing Check
☐ I am centered in the frame even when I lift my hands over my head.
☐ For this video, I am talking (not moving), so I have the camera set at my eye level.

 ☐ I own the license for the music that will be recorded in my video.
 ☐ I am not recording music in my video.
 ☐ I have a Spotify playlist as suggested music for this video which I will add to the video description later.
​ People
 ☐ I have appearance waivers for everyone who appears in my videos.
 ☐ I am the only one in my video, so I do not need appearance waivers.
​ Content
 ☐ I have the content or class planned and am ready to go.

Congratulations, you are now ready to film!

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