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For best performance, we suggest you have a high-speed internet connection with a minimum download/upload speed of 40-50 Mbps. To test your connection, visit

If your Internet speed is below the minimum requirements, see the steps below to improve your speed or call your Internet Service Provider to upgrade your internet service.

Steps to increase your internet speed:

  • Close all other programs and windows.

  • Make sure there are no downloads running in the background.

  • Make sure no one else in your house is using the internet on a computer or other device such as watching Netflix or playing video games.

  • Position yourself close to your wifi modem or connect your computer directly to your modem using a cable.

  • Unplug your wireless router and modem to power them off; wait a minute and then plug them back in.

  • Ping can also be impacted by your computer speed. If your computer's CPU is below 1.8GHz or you are running a netbook, you may want to use a different computer device.

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