Inside the Marvelous app, there is no way for you to download your manually uploaded media so PLEASE keep your own copy of your original files. Only automatically uploaded videos can be downloaded.

You have put a lot of energy into the creation of all your content and it’s important that you always keep backup copies of everything.

Video and audio files are large and fill up your hard drive space quickly. Cloud storage is so inexpensive that it makes a lot of sense to store everything in the Cloud.

We love Dropbox (but there are lots of other similar storage sites) because you can start with a free account and it’s very easy to use. It also allows you to access your media on any device.

Downloading collaborative live-stream recordings
If you have recorded a Collaborative live-stream event, as a teacher, you can download it from your media library. When you click the 'Download' button the Filename will be <studio_name>-<event_name>.mp4, and if any of those fields are empty, the defaults are ‘marvelous’ and ‘video’. You can choose where to save on your computer.

If your file does not download as an MP4 file, you need to right-click the Download button (this is 'control' + click if using a Macbook) and either click 'Save as...' or 'Save link as...' and then rename the file to include '.mp4' this way the file will download as an MP4 and not a text file.

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