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Overview of Sales on Marvelous
Overview of Sales on Marvelous

Learn how you receive the money from your sales

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Choose a payment provider.
​ We integrate with two different payment providers, Stripe and PayPal, and this article compares the two platforms.

Integrate your payment processor with Marvelous.
​ If you have a PayPal account, here's how to add your information to Marvelous. You must have a PayPal business account, if not, see these instructions on how to upgrade.

Once I sell something, how do I receive my money?
Your student will enter their credit card information to complete the purchase. From here, the payment processor accepts the money and then deposits it into your bank account (minus a small processing fee).

Does Marvelous take a percentage of my sales?
Marvelous DOES NOT take a share in your revenue and there is no delay in you receiving your funds.

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