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Before You Publish a Product Checklist
Before You Publish a Product Checklist
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You’ve worked hard planning and recording in order to create a fabulous new product. Double-check all the settings in Marvelous before showing the world what you’ve built.

Product Details:

  • Did you name it appropriately and add an image?

  • Did you write a description?


  • Did you select the right price?

  • Is it recurring or fixed?

  • If it’s a recurring product, did you want to add a trial period?


  • Do you have the correct media in the product?

  • Are the files in the right order (drag and drop to rearrange)

Product Schedule:
Did you correctly set it as “evergreen” (meaning it’s always available for purchase) or did you want it to begin and end on specific dates? Are those dates correct?

If you are adding events to this product, are the dates and times correct?

Position on the Shop Page
Take a look at the product in your shop and decide:

  • What is the best position for this product on the shop page?

  • Should it be the first product or a related product?

If you want to move it, go to the “My Products’ tab and drag and drop this product to move it to the best position.

Once you’re sure everything is correct, hit “Publish” on the last tab of the product builder.


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