You've got a lot of different links to choose from when you decide to share your Marvelous site or product with your students. You've got the home page, shop page, product link, and purchase link.


Decide where you want your students to go and select that URL. You can choose between your home page (where new students would create an account), your shop page (where students can see all your available products), or a specific product page (where students will see the details of a particular product).

  • If you want to send them to a specific product, open that product and go to the "Summary" tab. You have two easy options to copy links.

PRODUCT LINK: This link will bring the student to the "About this Product" page of a specific product. Use this link, if you want the student to learn about the product before purchasing.

PURCHASE LINK: This link will bring the student to a page where they can quickly create an account on your Marvelous site with only email and password, enter their credit card details, and are taken to the content page of the product. This link is the fastest (least amount of clicks) way a student gets into your product. Use this link, if you want to send a student into a purchase.

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