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Why Can't I See the "Buy" Button?
Why Can't I See the "Buy" Button?

Switching between student and teacher view.

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If you are creating a new product and want to see that everything looks correct from a student's view, you may find that the "buy" or the "subscribe" button is not showing.

When you are logged in as a teacher and switch to "Student View" to see what your students see, you are viewing your Marvelous site as a student that has created an account and purchased your products.

For students who have purchased the "Buy" or "Subscribe" button does not show (because they've already bought or subscribed).

If you log out of your account and look at your shop page OR if you created an account with an email that is different from your teacher account email, you will see the "Buy" or "Subscribe" button.
You can also open your studio or your product's link using Chrome's Incognito or Safari's Private Browsing mode.

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