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Integrating with PayPal
Integrating with PayPal
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To connect your PayPal account with Marvelous, follow these steps.

NOTE: You must have a PayPal Business Account.

If you have any other sources feeding into your PayPal account or using PayPal on other platforms for payment, it may override the settings below. We highly suggest using Stripe to process your Hey Marvelous payments or use a different PayPal account.

STEP 1 - Adding your PayPal account information

1) Log in to your Marvelous site and click "Settings" and then "Integration".

2) Select "PayPal" as your payment processor.

3) Enter the email you use for your business PayPal account.

4) Select your desired "Currency".

5) Click "Update and connect PayPal".

STEP 2 - Set Language Encoding and add your PayPal PDT Token

1) Log in to PayPal and go to PayPal button language encoding.

2) Set the Encoding to ETF-8, Leave the radio button set to Yes (Do you want to use the same encoding for data sent from PayPal to you?).

3) Click Save.

4) Go to Website payment preferences.

5) Scroll down and switch on Auto Return and put in your Hey Marvelous studio link. The format is

6) Scroll down again and switch on Payment Date Transfer and copy the characters next to Identity Token.

7) Go to your Paypal's IPN settings by clicking here.

Click on Edit Settings and then set as your Notification URL and make sure that Receive IPN messages (Enabled) is selected.

Once saved your Instant Payment Notification or IPN should look like the screenshot below.

8) Check Use Payment Data Transfer (PDT) and paste the Identity Token in the box. Make sure you have your PayPal email added as well. Then click on Update and connect PayPal.

9) Verify your integration. This is an optional step, but highly recommended. Using a different browser (if you regularly use Chrome then try Safari or Firefox), Verify you can successfully purchase a product from your studio using PayPal.

10) Done!

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