To connect your PayPal account with Marvelous, follow these steps.

NOTE: You must have a PayPal Business Account.

STEP 1 - Adding your PayPal account information

1) Log in to your Marvelous site and click "Settings" and then "Integration".

2) Select "PayPal" as your payment processor.

3) Enter the email you use for your business PayPal account.

4) Select your desired "Currency".

5) Click "Update and connect Paypal".

STEP 2 - Adding your PayPal PDT Token

1) Log in to PayPal.

2) Go to the "gear icon" in the top right corner.

3) Click "Account Settings".

4) Click "Website Payments".

5) Click "Website Preferences" and then "Update".

6) In the section "Auto Return for Website Payments", turn it ON and add the URL for your Marvelous site (remember your URL is

7) In the section "Payment Data Transfer" click ON.

8) Copy the Identity Token that is in the Payment Data Transfer section.

9) Log back into your Marvelous site.

10) Click on "Settings" > "Payments".

11) Check the box marked "Use PDT".

12) Copy the token.

13) Click "Update".

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