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Media filters allow your student to filter your content to quickly find what they need. Perhaps they are looking for a particular instructor or content of a particular duration (for example, mediation that is 15 minutes or less), or a particular style of teaching.

Your default media filters are level, style and length but these can be changed to whatever you'd like.

1) To change your media categories, click "Media Library" on the left then select "Categories".

2) Click "Add Categories" on the top right. By default, they are pre-populated with Length, Level and Style. Then you must add at least one tag for the Category to save.

  • For "level", you can add beginner, immediate, advanced or level 1, 2 or 3. Use whatever language your clients are already familiar with.

  • For "style", you can add flow, meditation, cardio, or legs. Again, whatever works for your students.

  • For "length", simply add the actual length of the video or audio file. You can always return to media filters and add different times after you create new content.

3) Decide which category you want to change and click the pen icon to the right of the Category to "Edit".

4) On the pop-up, you can change the category name, delete or add new tags. Drag and drop them into the desired order.

You can remove tags by clicking on the X next to a tag.

5) If you want to add a new category, click on "Add Category" button. Drag and drop them into the desired order. There is a maximum of 5 different categories.

6) Next step is to add categories to the content inside your media library. Go to your media library and select a file (categories can be applied to any file type) to open it.

Use the drop down menus to choose the correct tags for the file.

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