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General Live-Streaming FAQ
General Live-Streaming FAQ
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Do I need a Zoom account?
You only need a Zoom account if you plan on doing group collaborative live-streams. For private and broadcast sessions, you do not need a Zoom account.

Can I live-stream into multiple products?
Yes, you can schedule one live-stream and have it accessible in multiple products. More information is here.

Can I have concurrent live-streams running?
No. You must run one live-stream at a time.

Can I see a list of live-stream participants?
At this time, there is no way to see who is watching your live-stream.

Are there limits to the number of participants in a live-stream?
If you choose the broadcast live-stream there are no limits. If you choose the group collaborative live-stream which integrates with Zoom, there is a limit of 100 people (based on Zoom's max participants).

Can I record the session and re-use it later?
Yes. As long as you have the "Record" button selected during the session, it will be recorded and will appear in the media library. You can add that video to any product you wish or you can download it and use it for other purposes.

Can I or my students use my smartphone for live-streaming?
While you can access a live-stream from a smartphone via a browser (we do not have a native app) it isn't the best way to initiate a live-stream. We strongly recommend that teachers initiate live-streams from a desk or laptop computer.

My camera is not working for live-streaming, what is wrong?

Most likely this is because you have not allowed your browser to access your camera. Test your setup here.

What happens if I hit "end session" during a private or broadcast live stream?
If you hit "cancel" and get out of your live-streaming screen, simply restart the session by clicking on "Start Session". The students will also be removed from the session and will have to click on the "Join Session" button again.

What happens if I go longer than the scheduled time?
Nothing. You can go longer if you need to.

Can I screen share while live-streaming?
You can share your screen during a group collaborative session which requires a paid Zoom account.

Can my students book on my Marvelous calendar and book their own private sessions?
By integrating your Calendly account with Marvelous, you'll be able to create and sell your private session packages and your clients can book their sessions all within the Marvelous platform.

Can the students join the session before I start the session?
No. Nobody can join the session until you click the button "Start session". On the student's screen, the "Join Session" button will be grey until you start the session.

My camera is not working for live-streaming, what is wrong?
Most likely this is because you have not allowed your browser to access your camera. Test your setup here.

If I am doing a private session, are the screens equal in size?

Yes. If you created a "Private Session" type of live stream, the screen will be split vertically into two equals sizes.

My students are saying they can't access the live stream, what could be the problem?

  1. They did not purchase the product that the live stream is in.

  2. You have not initiated the live stream yet.

  3. They may have created two accounts with you but purchased your lives-stream product with one of them.

  4. They are using an incompatible or outdated browser or operating system

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