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How Students Access Live-Stream Session
How Students Access Live-Stream Session
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The students must first purchase a product that includes the live-stream session they want to attend.

1) Open Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browser

2) Log in to the studio where they've purchased the live-stream session.

3) In the top left corner, the student clicks on the "Calendar" tab as shown.

4) The Calendar page displays all upcoming events for that student. Then the student clicks on the event.

5) Once you (the teacher) start the session, the "Join Session" will be highlighted to your brand color which the student can click to join the session. The student will see see ‘waiting to start’ if the teacher has not started the session yet.

When using a desktop or laptop, the students can join from Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

If using an iPhone or iPad, the student must have Safari version 12.1 or newer.

6) Once they click "Join Session", they will enter the live-stream.

Note: if they leave the live-stream, they can return to the above screen and click on "Join Session" to re-join the session that's in progress.

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