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If you want to offer a free trial to a recurring product (or membership), navigate to the pricing tab inside the product builder.

On the pricing tab, scroll down to Trial Access and check the box to allow trials and enter how many days or weeks you'd like your trial to be.


Can I do a trial for a course?
You cannot have a trial for a free or fixed price product (for these product types, please use coupons).
​Will my students have to enter a credit card if they join with the trial?

Anyone who signs up for your membership product will be asked to enter their credit card details before accessing your content. However, they will not be charged until the trial period ends. If you have a 30-day trial, their credit card will be charged on day 31.

If they cancel before the trial ends, they will not be charged and will lose access to the product.

What if I have a trial AND a coupon?

The coupon discount will be applied after the duration of the trial.

For example, if you have a 1-month free trial and a coupon for 1-month free, the student will have 2-months free (1-month free trial + 1-month free from the coupon) and will be charged full price in month 3.

Or if you have a 1-week free trial and coupon for 1-month free coupon, the student will have 5-weeks free (1-week free trial + 4-weeks free from the coupon) and then will be charged full price.

Can someone sign up twice for a trial?

No. If someone unsubscribes during the trial period, they are unable to sign up again for a second trial at a later date.

Do trials on Marvelous work for both Stripe and PayPal?
Yes, you can set up a trial with either payment processor.

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