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Creating a Local Event
Creating a Local Event
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Marvelous has two different event types. The first is a live-streaming event and the second is a local event.
โ€‹Live-streaming events are teaching that is streamed via the internet to your students and are explained here.

Local events are in-person classes or gatherings. Some teachers may want to create both online and in-person events and Marvelous allows you to be able to host both event types.

Examples of creating a local event are yoga in the park, a weekend workshop, or a weekly boot camp. Local events are typically used by independent teachers and coaches who occasionally host an in-person event (as opposed to a studio that runs multiple classes each day) and want a way to collect fees for attending the in-person class or session.

A local event can be included in any product type. To create a local event:

1) Click on the "Calendar" tab.

2) Click the "+ Add Event" button.

3) Complete the event details and under "Event Type", select "Local Event".

4) Click "Save".

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