You'll now be able to create a live-stream and share it with multiple products. If someone has purchased any of the products that include that live-stream, they will be able to access it.

How to Create and Schedule the Live-Stream in Multiple Products:

1) Click the "Calendar" tab.

2) Click "+ Add EVENT".

3) Create the live-stream event.

  • Name your event

  • Choose the type of event (privates, broadcast or group)

  • Click the dropdown and select each of the products you would like this live-stream event to appear in.

  • Once done creating the event, click Save.

  • The event will now appear on the calendar.

What if I want to add an existing live-stream to more products?

You can "edit" the event and add it to any products.

1) Click the event from the calendar.

2) Click "Manage".

3) Click "Edit".

4) Choose the products that you would like to access this live-stream. You can add as many as you'd like.

4. Click "Save".

Why is there a PRIVATE SESSIONS tab in my product?

In the product definition, you will see a Private Sessions tab. You will not need to use this unless you would like to offer one-on-one/private sessions on your product.

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