Facebook has a decent tutorial walking you through the creation and installation process. Once you create the pixel, you'll want to add it to your Marvelous site.

How to Install your Facebook Pixel ID in your Marvelous site?

1) Navigate to "Settings", click "Integration", and then click “Facebook Pixel”.

2) Copy and paste your "Facebook pixel ID".

3) Click "Update".

What do I do once my pixel is installed?

Your first order of business once your Pixel is up and running (which does need to be confirmed) is to decide which user activities you’d like to track. Facebook calls these activities “events,” and offers nine basic categories:

  1. Purchase

  2. Lead

  3. Complete registration

  4. Add payment Info

  5. Initiate checkout

  6. Add to cart

  7. Add to wishlist

  8. Search

  9. View content

As you might imagine, “search” and “view content” are going to yield much larger pools of users than most of the other event categories… but they’ll still serve your ads to people who have actively sought out your content. The other seven get your ads in front of folks who have either bought from you already or come to the brink of buying then backed away. You can tailor your ads to read like gentle reminders about services or classes these users added to their carts or lists but failed to actually buy.

Facebook also allows you to create custom events but sticking to the big nine works fabulously for most online businesses.

Determine if you want the action to be tracked on page load, or after the user has clicked a button. Then decide if you want to drill down further and add event parameters, like a dollar amount the user needs to have spent before she/he is eligible to see your ads. Then Facebook will generate another piece of code, which you insert on the page where tracking activity takes place. (More details here in Step 7).

And then? You wait. Allow the Pixel to collect and categorize your data for a few weeks before you make your next move. The information it’s gathering will be most useful to you once it includes several cycles of user activity.

How do I use the information my Facebook Pixel gathers?

Once you’ve got a nice little stockpile of data, it’s time to devise and launch a few Facebook ad campaigns. Once you know who is doing what on your Marvelous site or website, you can get your ads in front of them and encourage them to interact, sign up, or purchase.

Our post on How to Know When Your Business is Ready for Facebook Ads is a great primer on determining goals, crafting savvy campaigns, and using retargeting to your advantage. Facebook’s own ad hub also has some helpful guidance and advice. You can run a campaign on virtually any budget (starting at $5 per day) and for any length of time, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little! Keep careful notes on what works and what flops so you can tweak your strategies.

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