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Live Streaming Overview
Live Streaming Overview
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Marvelous' new live-streaming technology is a game-changer. You can bundle audios, videos, PDFs, and LIVE-STREAMING EVENTS into your various products or memberships.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to spend time recording, editing, and uploading a video prior to making a sale. You just need a webcam and to hit the 'Go Live’ button to teach or train a client(s) in real-time.

Let’s take a closer look at how live-streaming works, so you can start imagining how it could work with your business.

What are the different live-streaming options?

Our Built-in Live-Streaming (Included with all Marvelous plans)

Our built-in technology allows you to create two different types of live-streams:

  • BROADCAST: A broadcast is when you are "broadcasting" to your students. They can all see and hear you (of course!) but you cannot see them. This is much like Facebook Live or even television. (this does not use Zoom technology) All the details about broadcast sessions are here.

LIMITS: With the built-in live-streaming technology, we measure the number of live-streaming minutes. A live-streaming minute is calculated by multiplying the number of participants X number of live-streaming minutes. The number of minutes you are allowed is dependent on the Marvelous plan. If you go over, you will be bumped up to the next plan level (coming soon).

Zoom (Requires a paid Zoom plan)

With our Zoom integration, you can create two different types of live streams depending on your Zoom plan and add-ons.

  • GROUP COLLABORATIVE // ZOOM MEETING: a live stream for a group of students where they can see and talk to everyone. This works well for yoga teacher training or other group work where you want your participants to interact with each other. To use the group session live-stream, you will need a paid PRO Zoom account and all the details on how to set up a group session are here.

LIMITS: Using our integration with Zoom, means that you don't have to track live-streaming minutes but your participant numbers are limited to what Zoom allows on your plan. The Pro Zoom plan (even if you have the webinar add-on) gives you a max of 100 participants. If you expect more than 100, you can upgrade your plan with Zoom.


Can I record the live-stream session?
For all of the above situations, you have the choice to record the session, and if you do, the recording will appear in your media library. You can add this video to any of your products or download it for other purposes.

Is there a chat?
Both our built-in technology and Zoom have the ability for you to chat.

What equipment do I need to live stream?
The equipment for live-streaming is a whole lot simpler than creating pre-recorded video content.

You use a webcam for live streaming. As long as you have a built-in camera, you're good to go live. While you can use an iPad, we advise not using a phone because the user interface is challenging.

If you want to up your game, you could purchase a webcam which may improve the clarity of the image. We love the Logitech C920 for its crisp image and affordable price. (Note... you can not live-stream with a camcorder).

For audio, if you are sitting in front of your computer and teaching, you can use your built-in audio or upgrade to a USB mic. We personally like the Blue Yeti but there are lots of affordable, good quality USB mics on the market.

If you are not sitting in front of your desk and plan on moving while teaching, you could use your built-in audio or position your USB mic as close to you as possible.

There are wireless USB mic options, and the only one we recommend is the Rode RodeLink FM Digital Wireless Filmmaker System.

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