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Paying Teachers

Ideas on how to pay your teachers who create videos for your Marvelous site

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Many yoga studios invite some of their teachers to teach on their online studio but the question arises how to compensate these teachers?

The key is to keep it very simple. You do not want to have too complicated formulas or system that is time-consuming to track.

For this reason, we do not suggest you base any compensation on video views.

Here are two different payment structures to consider.

  1. Flat fee. In this situation, each teacher that creates a video is paid for the time it took to film. Pay the teacher more than they would receive for a regular class. The range seems to be 1.5 to 3 times their regular fee.

  2. Profit share. In this situation, the studios would share profit with teachers that have created videos for the online studio.

Other considerations:

  • if you choose to profit share what happens when that teacher leaves your studio?

  • is the teacher responsible to help promote the online studio?

  • consider sharing the video with the teacher so they can use it to promote themselves on social media.

  • invite your BEST teachers and make it a privilege to be asked. teaching online.

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