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Why isn't my Zoom file in Marvelous?
Why isn't my Zoom file in Marvelous?

What to do when your Zoom file doesn't transfer to Marvelous.

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After you finish your live-stream with Zoom, Zoom will process the files in their server first then upload to Marvelous. Zoom may take some time to process the files depending on how big it is and how loaded their servers are.

With our integration with Zoom, the processed file will appear in your media library of Marvelous. 

If it does not, here are a few reasons why:

  1. In order for that file to automatically appear on your Marvelous site, you must have the appropriate Zoom cloud recording storage. If your file exceeds your storage limits it will not appear in Marvelous, automatically. The file will be in Zoom (you won't lose it) but to get it to Marvelous, you will need to either upgrade to the next Zoom plan or you will have to download it from Zoom and upload it into Marvelous.

  2.  If you have recordings that transfer but do not play on your Marvelous site.
    Recent Zoom security updates have toggled on a setting in all accounts that is preventing the recordings from fully transferring into Marvelous sites.

    If you follow these steps your future recordings will transfer:

  1. Login to your Zoom account

  2. Go to Settings and then Recordings

  3. Scroll until you see, "Require password to access shared cloud recordings" and toggle OFF

For the recordings that did not transfer properly, you will have to download from Zoom and upload them into Marvelous.

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