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Who owns the content in Marvelous?
Who owns the content in Marvelous?

Everything you need to know about your content in Marvelous.

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Do I own the content that I upload in Marvelous?
Yes, the content is yours. We do not own your content after you upload it to your site.
​Can I get the content out of Marvelous?

  1. Pre-recorded videos. If you upload a pre-recorded video, you cannot download it again from Marvelous. PLEASE keep your original files in a backup drive or a service like Dropbox.

  2. Live-stream archive videos. If you record your live stream, you are able to download the video from Marvelous (but the students cannot).

  3. Audios and PDFS. Yes, you can download these file types from Marvelous

Can my students download the content?
They CANNOT download any videos but CAN download audios and PDF documents.

Do I own the student's emails that sign up to my Marvelous site?
Yes! Any student that creates an account, you can either download the list of emails from your Marvelous site or you can automatically have them added to a list in Mailchimp or Convert Kit with our integration.

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