Can I Download My Videos?

Please keep your own copies of all your media.

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You will put a lot of energy into the creation of all your content and it's important that you always keep backup copies of everything.

NOTE: Due to the nature of how various media files are stored, Marvelous is unable to provide copies of any of your media.

However, there are two types of video files that you CAN download.

  1. Recordings from Broadcast sessions are available for download from your Media Library.

  2. Recordings from Zoom collaborative sessions (Zoom meetings) are available for download from your Media Library

    To download, find the file in your Media Library, click on it as if to play it and hit the Download button in the top menu. (this download button only appears when you have selected a file that is from a Broadcast live stream or a Zoom meeting.)

    When you click the 'Download' button the Filename will be <studio_name>-<event_name>.mp4, and if any of those fields are empty, the defaults are ‘marvelous’ and ‘video’. You can choose where to save it on your computer.

    If your file does not download as an MP4 file, you need to right-click the Download button (this is 'control' + click if using a Macbook) and either click 'Save as...' or 'Save link as...' and then rename the file to include '.mp4' this way the file will download as an MP4 and not a text file.

The remaining media files you CANNOT download from Marvelous and you must keep your own copies.

  • Zoom webinars

  • Video files you upload

  • Audio files

  • PDF files

Please see our Terms + Conditions

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