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Keep a Copy of All Your Media Files
Keep a Copy of All Your Media Files
Back up everything!
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You will put a lot of energy into the creation of all your content and it's important that you always keep backup copies of everything.

Video and audio files are often large and can fill up your hard drive space quickly. Cloud storage is so inexpensive that it makes sense to store/back up everything in the cloud.

We love Dropbox and iCloud, but there are a number of similar cloud storage sites to choose from. You can often start with a free account and it's very easy to use. Cloud storage also allows you to access your media files from most devices.

Recordings from Broadcast sessions are available for download from your Media Library. We strongly recommend keeping copies of your content outside of your account.

You can automatically save Zoom recordings to your Media Library. You may store a copy of your Zoom recordings in your Zoom account (provided the necessary settings in your Zoom account have been selected and you have room in your Zoom storage).

If you'd like to download videos or content that you have uploaded, please contact support through chat or email us at

Please see our Terms + Conditions regarding our content retention policy.

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