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Using a Coupon to Get Students into Your Membership
Using a Coupon to Get Students into Your Membership

When using Mind Body Online and other studio scheduling tools

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If some of your clients have already paid you for access to your classes/services, you may decide to include your new Marvelous offerings with their membership fee. You can do this by providing them with a Marvelous-generated coupon code that grants access to your online products. Remember that you are not sending them to a live stream or a single video, but to an online product that they must purchase with their coupon code. In most cases, this will be your monthly membership product.

This coupon setup works for students that are paying you monthly or annually through MBO (or others) and enables those students to access your online products without having to re-enter the credit card information. In most cases, you will want to give them access to your monthly membership product.

Full instructions on creating coupons are here. Once you've reviewed those steps, here is how to create a coupon that will give a student access without having to enter credit card information.

Coupon Name: Choose a name for your coupon (internal use only)
Coupon Code: This is the name/word/code that you will give to your students to redeem
Max Redemptions: choose a large number if you don't want to limit the number of redemptions
Discount Type: Percentage
Amount: 100%
Duration: Unlimited
Redeem Dates: Choose your start and end dates for this coupon. These dates define when the coupon is redeemable. Outside of these dates, the coupon will not work. Some studios create coupons for each month and others create coupons with end dates far out in the future so that the students can use them more or less indefinitely.

Once the client has the coupon code, they must create an account on Marvelous and enter the coupon code. Once they've done that, they are able to view the content of that product. Again, most studios who create coupons for clients who have already paid grant them access to the monthly membership product.

If a studio member churns, you can manually remove them from Marvelous by doing the following:
Find their name in the SALES / PURCHASES tab.
Click on the drop-down menu on the far right.

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