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Setting Up Your First Broadcast Live-Stream
Setting Up Your First Broadcast Live-Stream

You can create your first product and schedule a live-stream within minutes.

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This article will walk you through the steps to setting it up. Once you have created your product, you can then attach this product to the event that you will be creating, as indicated in the New: Creating an Event article.

1) To set up a Broadcast event, select "Broadcasting Event" under "Event type" when creating your event.

2) After you’ve created your event and attached it to the product, once ready to go live, go to your Calendar. Then click on the scheduled broadcast event you’ve created.

3) A pop-up window appears and you can click the “Broadcast Via Browser” option to initiate the event:

4) You are then taken to the Live-Streaming page where you can choose your broadcast live-stream set-up by toggling/choosing between options before start streaming. Then click the “Start Streaming” button:

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