Most studios want to create an online membership for their studio members who pay through Mind Body Online or equivalent.

The complete membership setup is described here and the following are some points for studios to consider when building our membership.

Memberships are a product type with the following features:

  • All content inside a membership is available immediately.

  • Students can filter by instructor, length level, or style (these are the defaults but you can customize the names).

  • A membership is a growing bank of content that you can add content to every day, week, or month.

  • You can include video, audio, or PDF files.

  • You can schedule and live-stream from within a membership.

Most studios price their membership at roughly equivalent to a drop-in class.

You can also set the subscription to be annual, monthly, weekly, or daily. As well, you can create a "Day Pass" which will give the student 24-hour access to the content of the membership.

Your membership can schedule pre-recorded video, audio files, PDFS and/or live-stream events.

If someone joins your online membership (either by coupon or by paying in full), they will be able to access all videos in that membership and join any scheduled live-streams.

If you want existing paid studio members (because they've paid you through MBO) to access the membership at no cost, you would give them a coupon. You are able to create a coupon that gains them access to the membership and they do not have to enter their credit card details.

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