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Legal: Waiver, Insurance + Music
Legal: Waiver, Insurance + Music
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Every student who creates an account on your Marvelous site must agree to our terms and conditions. Within that terms-of-use is a general liability waiver.

Any student or teacher (other than the owner of the Marvelous account) who participates in any filming must sign an appearance waiver. This is true for any live-streamed and recorded classes that you intend to keep in your Marvelous archive or library. You'll want to get a waiver that's tailored to your state or local laws, so please check with a local attorney (ideally, whoever wrote your own general studio waiver) or an online source like Rocket Lawyer ( If you plan to film a group collaborative live-stream, get signed waivers from your students BEFORE beginning the live-stream.

Please reach out to your own insurance company to discuss any potential liabilities associated with teaching online. If you don't have insurance right now, and you're a US-based Yoga Teacher, take a look at BeYogi.

If you are a current Marvelous customer and looking for online teacher insurance, our partner beYogi is offering a $30 discount off an annual subscription to beyogi teacher insurance for all US-based Yoga Teachers. Their insurance covers you for both in-person and online teaching. To find out more, visit

Playing music during a live or recorded class is considered to be a “performance,” which means if you do it without the proper licenses in place, you can get slapped with hefty fines! It’s easy to think that, as a small studio or single teacher, you might be able to fly under the radar. But even small businesses can be targeted by Performing Rights Organizations like ASCAP for illegal music use. And even if you’re not charging for a class or video, or simply playing a radio station in the background at your studio, you may still be on the hook for music licensing fees.

Please check your policies with ASCAP, BMI, etc., to see if your music licensing agreements will cover broadcasting over the Internet. We also encourage you to use royalty-free music when you can. You can learn more about music licensing issues here.

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