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Multiple Teachers
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Marvelous' Studio Plan allows up to 15 instructors, which means you can add 15 different instructor profiles to your Marvelous site. As you upload videos (or PDFs or audio files), you can tag each video with the instructor who has created the content.

When a student is looking at the videos contained in your membership product, the students can filter by instructor. This helps them find content from their favorite teachers.

(If you need more than 15 instructor profiles for your virtual studio, please contact us for information on enterprise pricing).

At this time, each Marvelous account can have only one admin login. You will need to share this login information with your teachers so they can add content themselves.

Or you can assign one person from the studio to serve as admin, and charge that person with prepping and uploading all the content that will be accessible on your Marvelous site.

Upon request, we can password protect the pages in your Marvelous site with financial and customer information on them. Just send us an email at and we'll set that up for you.

If you have multiple teachers live-streaming, here are some best practices:

Assign one person with coordinating all live-streamed content in Marvelous. They would do the following:

  • Create the Marvelous product where live-streams will live (typically a monthly membership)

  • Schedule all live-streams for all your teachers

  • Add all teacher profiles to the site.

  • Once the live-stream is over, tag each video with the right instructor's name and put it inside the product.

As a reminder, there are 3 types of live-streams you can use through Marvelous:

  1. Private: for one-on-one client use. Details on private live-streams here.

  2. Group collaborative: for classes where you want students to be able to hear and see EACH OTHER. Group collaboratives require a paid Zoom account. Details on group collaborative live-streams here.

  3. Broadcast: students can see the teacher, but not each other. This is the most common one studios use to live-stream classes. Details on broadcast live-streams here.

Marvelous will allow you to live-stream a “broadcast” and a “group collaborative” (Zoom) concurrently, but you CANNOT schedule multiple broadcast-type live-streams concurrently. In other words, you cannot live-stream two classes at the same time unless they are different types of live-streams.

When it's time for a live-stream to begin, here's what the teacher would do:

  • Teacher logs in to your Marvelous site

  • Clicks on the calendar.

  • Clicks on the live-stream event.

  • Clicks on "RECORD" (if using Zoom, then it will automatically be recorded)

  • Clicks on "START LIVE-STREAM"

  • To end the live-stream, click on "END SESSION" if using broadcast or click on "END MEETING" if using Zoom/group collaborative.

After the live-stream, the video will process and appear in the media library.

We have an article on teacher compensation here.

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