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Getting Started as a Studio
Getting Started as a Studio

An overview of a studio on Marvelous

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Getting your studio online is an exciting endeavor! However, your Marvelous studio should NOT be organized like your brick-and-mortar studio, and should NOT revolve around your calendar. To make your virtual studio accessible to your students, you’ll need to shift your thinking away from schedules and single classes and toward products.

If that sounds confusing, don’t panic! We’ll explain below. When you’re done with this article, please read all of the documents in this introductory series so that you can set up your Marvelous studio in a logical, navigable way.


Everything you create and sell on Marvelous will be called a "product." Think of each product as a "container" for a group of online content. A product can house different types of pre-made content (video files, audio files, PDFs) and you can also schedule live-streams as “events” within that product.

For each product you will sell to your students, you must choose:

Product TYPE: This refers to the structure of your product. You can make it a on-demand (all videos are visible and available at once) or a course (content is divided into lessons).

Product PRICE: recurring (charged daily, weekly or monthly) or fixed (charged once)

Product CONTENT: pre-recorded video files, pre-recorded audio files, PDF documents

Product SCHEDULE: this determines how long the client has access to the product.

Product EVENTS: this is where you include live-streaming events if you want them to be included in a certain product. Anyone who purchases that product has access to all the content inside, including livestreams. To avoid confusion, share links to your product and NOT to your individual live-streams or videos with your clients.

RIGHT WAY: Create a product with type “On-demand,” with a recurring monthly fee of $100, which gives the purchaser access to ALL of your livestreams and pre-recorded videos for that month. Then schedule the livestreams as “events” within the product.

WRONG WAY: Create a product that contains only one offering: a livestream event for Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. Create a separate product that contains only one offering: a live-stream event for Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Create a separate product that contains only one offering: a livestream event for Thursday at 8:30 a.m. etc. Why do we discourage this? Over time, creating one class for each product, creates a LOT of products on your shop page which leads to a cluttered shop page and confusion for your student.

Here is a general overview of your next steps:

  1. Decide what type of product you want to make. A typical studio's product suite includes a membership with the option to purchase a day pass. The next two articles will explain how to create a membership and a "day pass".

  2. Schedule live-streaming in that product (if using). If you're live-streaming, you'll need to create the live-stream in your product. As a general rule, single live-streaming events should not be offered as stand-alone product. Here's how to create an event.

  3. Upload pre-recorded videos, audios or PDFs to your media library and add this media to that product (if using). Here's how to upload content.

  4. Set up your payment processor. For studios, we strongly recommend that you use Stripe. Stripe is the most flexible option for coupon use and in-app cancellations (PayPal will not allow coupons at all, and cancellations have to be done from within PayPal). Instructions on getting set up with Stripe are here.

  5. Share your online studio with your students. All the links are explained in this article.

  6. We've also got a document on working with multiple teachers.

  7. Please familiarize yourself with these legal issues (waivers, insurance and music)

    Help is always available in the knowledge base (click HELP inside the app) and there is a weekly onboarding session for new studios.

    NEXT ARTICLE: Online Studio Design

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