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Why Studios Should Use Stripe
Why Studios Should Use Stripe

The preferred payment process for studios is Stripe over Paypal

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Before making your Marvelous site live, you will need to choose a payment processor even if you are receiving all money in the studio (via Mind Body Online or other studio software).

Stripe and PayPal are the most well-known and popular choices. Both are secure and have the same transaction fees. While you may gravitate toward PayPal because it's familiar and doesn't require the creation of a new account, please be aware of these important differences:

Account Cancellations for Recurring Subscriptions: If your virtual studio uses Stripe and a student wants to cancel their recurring subscription, the student can simply click inside their Marvelous account and stop the subscription. PayPal is a little more complicated. PayPal will not allow third-party apps (like Marvelous) to cancel student subscriptions. This means that either you or your students need to log in to your respective PayPal accounts and manually stop the recurring subscription. More information on canceling recurring subscriptions can be found here.

Coupons for Recurring Subscriptions: If you plan on creating a monthly membership and want to create coupons to discount the monthly fee for a few months (e.g. you're running a promotion for $10 off for 3 months), then you must use Stripe. PayPal will not allow you to change the price on an existing subscription. For example, if you want to give the first month free on a subscription, and then charge on month 2, you must use Stripe.
​Editing Subscriptions: Stripe allows for subscriptions to be edited after purchase. You can update the price, add coupons, change the billing etc.

For studios creating memberships, we strongly urge you to work with Stripe.

You can create a Stripe account here and then copy and paste your API keys into Marvelous.

Once you have your preferred payment processor set up in Marvelous, run a test purchase to make sure it is working properly. ALWAYS TEST A PURCHASE BEFORE SENDING OUT LINKS TO YOUR STUDENTS!

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