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Adding a Student to a Product
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You have the ability to add a product to a student. However, the student will not be charged for this product, so you are essentially giving them the product for free.

You would use the "add a product" feature on a student account if:

  • they paid via your studio booking system (like MBO) and you wanted to add them to the online membership for free.

  • if you want to give someone free access without having to enter their card information.

How to add a product to a student:

1) Find the student in your customer list and click their name.

2) A page loads with your customer's details on it. Scroll down and click on the Products tab then click "Add Product".

3) Select a product from the drop-down. Make sure to add a date if you'd like their access to expire.

If student paid outside of Marvelous - you can add the amount they paid in the "Optional paid amount" field. If they're being added for free you can leave it empty.

Keep the "Optional expiration date" blank if you want to give them access indefinitely.

4) Click on Enroll. The product will now show in the customer's information page.

Alternatively, you may also add a student directly from the product page.

1) Click "Products" and then "My products" on the left-hand menu.

2) Select the product you wish to add the student to.

3) Scroll down to the list of Customers and select “Add to product”.

4) Select the desired student from the drop-down list and click "Add to product".

If a student made a payment outside of Marvelous, add it in the "Optional paid

amount" field. If they're being added for free you can leave it empty.

Add an "Optional expiration date" if you want the student to lose access after a

specific period. Leave it blank if you want to give them access for an indefinite period.

Note: Whenever a student is added to a product, we just suggest adding a note in the student's profile.

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