You have the ability to add a product to a student. However, the student will not be charged for this product, so you are essentially giving them the product for free.

You would use the "add a product" feature on a student account if:

  • they purchased an annual membership and you want to give them access to the monthly membership content. You would do this instead of giving them a coupon code.

  • they paid via your studio booking system (like MBO) and you wanted to add them to the online membership for free.

  • if you want to give someone free access without having to enter their card information.

If a student cancelled their membership subscription, or they were removed from a product, you will not see that product appear as an option to add. The student will need to re-register for the product themselves.

Here is how you add a product to a student:

1) Find the student in your customer list and click their name.

2) A page loads with your customer's details on it. Click "Add Product".

3) Select a product from the drop-down. Make sure to add a date if you'd like their access to expire. Keep the date blank if you want to give them access indefinitely.

4) Click "Enroll". If you don't add any date they will have free access forever. Add an expiry date if you'd like their access to expire.

5) The product shows up in your customer's information.

Alternatively, you may also add a student directly from the product page.

1) Click "Products" and then "My products" on the left-hand menu.

2) Select the product you wish to add the student to.

3) Scroll down to the list of Customers and select “Add to product”.

4) Select the desired student from the drop-down list and click "Add to product".

Reminder: When you add a product to your customer they will not be charged, you will be giving it to them for free.

If you want to charge your customer for the product, they will need to purchase the product themselves.

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