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Best practices for recreating your studio online

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Recently, we've witnessed many teachers quickly re-creating their in-person studios on Marvelous. Marvelous offers you many options, including ones that aren’t possible for a brick-and-mortar studio, so we wanted to provide a guide to designing successful online products.

A few reminders about how Marvelous works:

  • We are not calendar-based software. Instead of selling classes, you’ll now be selling “products.”

  • Students must buy (or join, if your product is free) the products you list in order to access your Marvelous content.

  • Products may contain/encompass more than one type of offering. For instance, a single “product” may include live-streamed teachings, PDFs, and access to a pre-recorded library of resources.

  • Try to offer a small number of clearly labeled products so your students understand what they’re purchasing.

  • Keep things as simple as possible!

Here is a suggested product suite that includes 1-2 products and works extremely well for most studios:

We believe every studio should offer a monthly membership. This product lets you set up auto-pay students around the world and also connects you to students who are in your geographical area but want to practice virtually with your teachers.

What is inside a monthly membership? Both pre-recorded videos and live streams. A monthly member will be able to tune into your live streams as often as you broadcast them, and also view older videos that you’ve archived.

As you create more content over time, you can start building a virtual library of on-demand videos and resources that monthly members can access. Every livestream you broadcast is recorded, so those recordings can be banked in your virtual library alongside staged or pre-recorded videos.

If you have auto-pay members from your brick-and-mortar studio, you can give them access to your online membership by using a coupon. Learn how to create a membership with a coupon for your studio members right here.


If you have students who are not members of your studio but want to practice with you occasionally without purchasing an online membership, a "day pass" is a great option. This will give them 24 hours of access to all content in your membership. After 24 hours, they will no longer have access but are able to rebuy another day pass for another 24 hours of access. A virtual day pass nicely mimics a studio drop-in.

PRODUCT #2 WORKSHOP (optional)
Marvelous also allows you to also create courses. These are perfect when you want to bring your online workshop or teacher training to your students. The content is divided into lessons and this is typically priced as a one-time fee (vs. a recurring fee like a membership. More on courses can be found here.

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