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Setting up Your Zoom Integration
Setting up Your Zoom Integration

Learn how to connect your Zoom account to Marvelous

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Connect your Marvelous and Zoom to allow initiation of Zoom live streams from inside your Marvelous site. You can create both Zoom meetings and webinars depending on your Zoom account type.

Learn more about Zoom meetings here
Learn more about Zoom webinars here.

Here are the steps to create an integration between your Marvelous and Zoom accounts.


Login to your Zoom account and make sure you've got the following settings selected correctly.

1) In order for the file to transfer to Marvelous, you'll need to toggle a password setting off.

  • Scroll down until you see, "Require passcode to access shared cloud recordings" and toggle "OFF" as shown below.

2) To avoid your students having to add a password when they join, please make sure you have the following toggled on. Go to your "Settings" and then "Meeting" and copy the following settings.

3) Zoom has a duplicate setting under Account Management > Account Settings. Make sure to change the same settings as well/


  1. Login to your Marvelous site and Go to "Settings" > "Integration" > "Zoom".

  2. Select "Connect ZOOM".

3. Click on Authorize in the new page.

4. Make sure that Enable Zoom is selected and then in the Advanced options, choose whether you want to automatically:

  • Download cloud recordings scheduled outside Marvelous.

  • Download audio recordings via Marvelous.

  • Download cloud recordings for meetings/ webinars scheduled via Marvelous.

  • Start recording when your meeting/webinar begins.

Once you are connected to Zoom, you will be able to initiate live streams from your Marvelous site. Once you are live, your students will see their "Join Session" button turn color and they can then join. When the session is over, the recording will appear automatically in your media library and you can add it to any product you want.

When I click on "Reconnect to Zoom", it says, "You cannot authorize the app".

  • Please make sure you are logged into both Zoom and Marvelous in the same browser.

If you need to disable or disconnect your Zoom account (or just want to understand the difference), please review this support article.

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