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Live-streaming Minutes Explained
Live-streaming Minutes Explained

How to calculate your live-streaming minutes

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For those of you who are live-streaming with the Broadcast or Private live-streaming minutes, you'll be able to see how many minutes you use in the current month. 

**We are currently working on pricing over the 2,000 limits and will announce pricing shortly.

What is a live-streaming minute?

Live streaming minutes = number of participants X number of minutes on a live-stream

How many live-streaming minutes are included on my plan?
Teacher Plan includes 1,000 live-streaming minutes
Studio Plan includes 2,000 live-streaming minutes

What type of live-streaming does this apply to?

Live-streaming minutes are calculated for the standard broadcast and private live-stream feature. They are not calculated if you use the Zoom integration

How do I know how many I have used this month?
You can see the number of live-streaming minutes that you have used on your DASHBOARD for each month.

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