With Marvelous, you have the choice of two different live-streaming technologies.


Standard live-stream comes with your Marvelous account.
You can schedule two different kinds of live-streams: 

  • Broadcast (participants are view only)

  • Privates (1 on 1 - just you and your client)

The usage is based on live-streaming minutes (1,000 for teacher plans and 2,000 for studio plans). More about calculating live-streaming minutes here.


For this option, you will require a paid Zoom account.
You can schedule two different kinds of live-streams: 

  • Group collaborative// Zoom meetings (all participants are visible on screen)

  • Broadcast//Webinar (participants are view only). To use this feature, you require the Zoom Webinar add-on feature. 

Once you initiate a Zoom live-stream, the Zoom "window" will open with full admin control.

How do I know which one to choose?

Price: If you are live-streaming infrequently and can stay under your live-streaming minutes limit, you may want to stick with the standard live-stream.

Familiarity: Many people have used Zoom and are comfortable with joining a Zoom meeting or webinar.

Do you need extra features?
If you're looking for more features, like screen sharing, waiting rooms, passwords you'll want to choose Zoom.

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