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Understanding Your SALES
Understanding Your SALES

Learn what information is displayed in your sales tab

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Under your Sales, you have two options.

  • All Sales: a list of all orders

  • Sales by product: a list of all orders sorted by product

To head to your sales information navigate to "Reports" and there will be 4 options listed, the graph and listed version of the sales information.


The "Customers" tab shows all of the clients that have created accounts on your Marvelous site.

For each customer, you will see their name, email, total dollars spent, date and time of most recent purchase, and status. You are able to sort the column by any of the column headings.

Customer Status

  • ACTIVE: students who own an active product

  • INACTIVE: students who created an account on your site but did not purchase a product, customers who have canceled their recurring payments, and customers who bought a product that has since expired.

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