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How to Set Up a Day Pass
How to Set Up a Day Pass

Set-up a single day access pass to an existing product.

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If you have students who are not ready to commit to a monthly membership or want to "sample" your online program, consider creating a day pass for your product.

A "Day Pass" gives your client 24-hour access to your product. The student will have full access to all content (on-demand videos and live-streams that are scheduled within that 24-hour window) in the product when they purchase a day pass. After the 24-hours, they will not be able to access any content but they are able to purchase the full-priced product or another day pass.

Which Product Types Can I Create Day Passes For?

Day passes can be created for both recurring and fixed priced products.

Day Passes for Recurring Priced Products (Memberships):

Day passes are most commonly used for membership products where a student may want to "drop-in" to a particular scheduled live-stream or want on-demand videos but do not want to join a membership.

Day Passes for Fixed Price Products (Courses, Workshops):

You can also create a day-pass for a course or workshop. For example, if you planned a multi-day workshop and had a guest teacher on one of the days, you could sell a day pass for that one day.

What Does the Student Get in a Day Pass?

With a day pass purchase, the student gets 24 hours of access to everything within the product, and the 24-hour period begins at the time of purchase.

This means that if they want to watch a pre-recorded class video on Wednesday morning but purchase their day pass on Monday night, they'll lose access before Wednesday. Please make sure your students are aware that the "day" begins immediately after purchase.

This is not access to a single on-demand video or live-stream but, instead, to all content for 24-hours.

Can Students Purchase a Day Pass Multiple Times?

Yes, after 24 hours, students can re-buy another day pass. If they want to do two classes each week, they can simply buy a day pass on the morning of those two days.

Where Do I Set Up the Day Pass?

You can set up your day pass on the pricing tab inside the product builder. Simply click "Day pass" and set your price.

What Will the Student See at Check-Out?

The day pass will be an option at check-out, as shown below:

Is the Day Pass a Separate Product?

No, the day pass is not a separate product on your Shop Page but is part of an existing product and is visible to students only at check-out.

Can I Create a Week or Month Pass?

No, at this time, the 24-hour pass is the only way for someone to participate in an existing product.

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