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How do I set up a Custom Waiver for my Studio or Teacher Plan?

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To set up a custom waiver:

1) Head to your dashboard and navigate to "Settings" on the bottom left.

2) Click "Edit Custom Waiver".

3) From there, set the switch to โ€œOnโ€ and paste your custom waiver as well as any disclaimer into the description.

4) Click the "Save Changes" button.

How will my Custom Waiver look to my Students?

Once a student signs up for a product, the custom waiver will pop up when they try to access any content or event from the Calendar.

Note: They need to scroll all the way down and read the waiver before the "Accept Waiver" button is highlighted. They can then hit accept and access their account.

What if the student does not agree to the waiver?

If the student does not accept the waiver, the waiver screen will pop up again when students will try to access media or events with no option to exit (๐—ซ) until they read and accept the waiver.

What if I add a new waiver?

When you add a new waiver to your account, existing students will be prompted to accept the waiver when they to access content or join an event. New students will agree to the waiver at checkout.

If a newer version of your waiver is added to your site, students who previously signed the waiver will not be required to agree to the waiver again.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Note: Marvelous stores the version of the waiver that your student has signed in our database.

Additional Questions about Custom Waivers

Is the custom waiver shown for each product?

The waiver is for your entire site so once a student agrees, they accept liability on all products in your shop.

What if I do not have a waiver?

Students will still need to agree to our Terms of Service upon creating an account.

Does Marvelous provide specialized waivers?

If you need a downloadable waiver template you can purchase and download one here.

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