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How Students Book a Private Session
How Students Book a Private Session

Learn what the students see when they book private sessions with you

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Students who want to work privately with you, can now purchase a package, book their sessions, and live-stream with you all through Marvelous.


They will purchase a product from your shop page that you have set up as a private session product.


Students will go to their "Private Space" product and click on the "Private Sessions" tab.

If you're using Calendly, Calendly's calendar will be visible and they can click and book their sessions. They will not need to login to Calendly (or need a Calendly account).

If Acuity was integrated instead, then Acuity's calendar will come up.

Once they book, the session will appear on the Marvelous calendar of the teacher and the student. Students will receive reminders based on your settings in Calendly or Acuity.

If they try to book more sessions than they purchased, they will have the option to repurchase another package.

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