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Email reminders will allow you to remind your students about upcoming classes.

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Email reminders will remind registered students about upcoming live-stream classes. They will have an option to be reminded 30 mins before and 1 hour before the event.

To send email reminders to your students, select "Send" under "Email Notifications" when you create or edit an event.

Here is an example email that will be sent to your students. (Note: These are transactional emails and cannot be edited.)


Students will be able to opt-in to receive email reminders.

To opt-in, students can click on their name on the top right then to "My Settings".

From there, they can scroll down to the Notifications section and click “Change”. Click the toggle to switch the opt-in to email reminders. They then select to receive an email 1 hour before the event or 30 mins before the event starts.

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