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Managing Event Registrations
Managing Event Registrations

How to limit the number of registrations on an event

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Teacher View

You can now limit the number of students that sign up for an event. When creating an event you have the option to require registration for your one-time events or events recurring.

1) Navigate to "Calendar" > "Events", then click "+Add Event".

2) Enable registration by clicking “Required” next to the “Registration” option.

3) From there, you will have the option to limit the number of registrants, registration closes, and close unregistration.

  • Limit the number of registrants: Allows a specific number of persons to register for an event.

  • Registration Closes: Closes registration at a specified number of minutes before the scheduled class time.

  • Close unregistration: Prevents unregistration at a specified number of minutes before the scheduled class time.

Selecting Hide registrations info will will hide the number of students registered registered in the Calendar.

Leave Automatically notify waitlist when a spot becomes available on so that students are sent an email when a spot is available for them.

For studios/teachers that would like students to be able to access single classes, there are ClassCards.

Student View

On the student's end when registering for an event they will see the number of registrations allowed for the event as shown below. To register, the student will click the event from their calendar. Then click on the "Registration" button to "Register".

If the student is subscribed to the event, they can simply click "Register" to be registered to the event. However, if a student is not subscribed to the product where the event is attached, the system will prompt them to purchase when they click on register.

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