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Cancelling, Rescheduling, or Removing an Event
Cancelling, Rescheduling, or Removing an Event

Schedules change, things happen, you have options.

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You have a few options when it comes to events that are not going to happen for various reasons. You can Cancel, Reschedule, or Remove the event. First, let's review the terminology and then I'll walk you through the options in detail.

  • Cancel - This will leave it on the student calendar, but with a strikethrough

  • Reschedule - Change the date, time, instructor, or any of the other details to reschedule it

  • Remove - This will remove the event from the calendar completely. It cannot be undone. It's as if the event never existed. If you want to remove all events in a series, please review the notes at the end of this article.

Cancelling an Event

If registration is required, cancelling an event will notify persons registered for the event with an email that the event has been cancelled. It also will show in the Student Calendar that it has been cancelled.

1) Inside the Calendar, find the event that you would like to cancel and click on the event.

2) Click the "Manage" button.

3) Click the "Cancel” button.

Note: When an event is cancelled, all registrations will be removed and ClassCard Redemptions returned.

Student View

From the student view, when an event has been cancelled, the event remains on the student's calendar but with a strikethrough and an "Event has been cancelled" label.

If the student used a ClassCard redemption to register, the redemption will be returned to their account immediately.

Rescheduling an Event

1) Inside the Calendar, find the event that you would like to reschedule and click on the event.

2) Click the "Manage" button.

3) Click the "Edit" button.

4) Update the date and/or time.

5) Click the "SAVE" button. If this is part of a repeating event, you will have the option to apply the change to this event or all future events.

Removing a Single Event

To remove an event, click the event from the Calendar and press "Remove". This will remove the event without notifying the students.

Note: You can only remove events that do not have any registrations on them. If you really want to remove an event with registrations, we recommend you first cancel the event and then remove it.

Removing a Series of Events

There are two ways to remove a series of events. The best way will depend on how far into the future the events repeat. You can either manually delete the events using the steps outlined above or you can edit the event, change the ending date to today, apply the changes to all future events, and finally remove the last event.

Here is a step by step process:

1) Open the first earliest event in the series that you want to remove.

2) Click "Manage".

3) Change the "Repeats Until" date to today's date.

4) Click "Save".

5) Choose "Apply this change to all future events".

6) All future instances of your event should be removed. To remove the remaining event, follow the steps to remove a single event. Open the event from the calendar and click remove.

Note: If you originally set your event to repeat on multiple days and you want to remove all of them, you will need to follow this process for each of the days.

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