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Creating a Repeating Event
Creating a Repeating Event

How to create an event that repeats

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Creating a Recurring Event

Note: You can only set the end date 1 year from the start date. This means if your event starts on January 1st 2023, the maximum end date will be on December 31st.
If you set it to February 1st 2024, it will not add any event after December 31st.

To create an event:

1) Navigate to "Calendar" then click the "+ Add event" button on the right.

Note: If you have multiple Zoom accounts connected, make sure to select the Zoom account you want to use. If no account is selected the default will be used to host the event.

2) When creating a recurring event tick (✔️) the "Event repeats" box.

3) Select the days that the event repeats on.

4) Lastly, select the date the events will repeat until.

5) Add any other detail needed for the event such the product its linked to, instructor, etc.

6) When you're finished hit the "Save" button to finish scheduling your recurring event.

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