Manually Registering a Student to an Event

Once the event is created, select the specific event from the calendar and select "Manage".

Click the "Add Registration" button.

Use the search bar to look up the student and click on the + sign next to the student's name. Active means they have access to the event through a product. Inactive means they don't have access to the event.

If you select an Inactive student, you will receive a prompt asking if you want to give them free access.

Select Yes, register.

Once selected, they will then show under the Registrants tab.

It's also possible to register all active students of a product to an event. This doesn't work on the ClassCard or Individual Coaching product types.

Click on Products on the left then click on the product.

Scroll down and click on Events. Click on Register all active customers on the right of the event you'd like to register them to.

You will then see the number of registered students.

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