New Namastream is launching on March 1st, 2021!!



What's New Namastream?

On March 1st, you'll see an updated look plus a few exciting new features!

  • 💃 New Student Site: beautiful new student site that is easy to navigate and showcases your offerings

  • 🤑 Optimized Checkout Flow: Streamlined checkout process, designed to improve conversions

  • 📈 New Reporting Engine: Better reporting to get you the information you need to run your business

Is there a quick overview I can watch?
Yes, here is an 8 minute overview of the changes.

How do you preview your site on the New Namastream?

Go to and login with your credentials.

What is a public beta?

For the month of February, New Namastream will be in public beta which means you'll be able to preview your site in the new design. New Namastream will officially launch on March 1st.

👉 IMPORTANT: your site on the New Namastream is linked to your current site, so any changes such as creating a product, adding, editing, or removing an event etc will also occur in your current site.

What do you need to do right now?
There is nothing you need to do now. February is for previewing the new design while continuing to teach and do business on your existing site.

Throughout February, you’ll continue to use the same links and logins. Nothing will change for you or your students this month.

What if I have feedback or encounter something strange like a bug or typo?

You can use our new feedback tool inside the app to share that feedback directly with the product team. Here is a quick demo showing how to use it.

When can you use the new site?
New Namastream will officially launch on March 1st. On that day, all sites will automatically upgrade to the New Namastream. When you and your students login on March 1st, your site will be the brand new design.

When exactly will your current site change to the New Namastream?

We'll be scheduling a maintenance window between 12:01 am to 12:30 am PST on March 1st while we launch the new site. (please note this is subject to change but we'll keep you notified).

What happens if I am running a class during the upgrade?

Live Zoom classes that begin before we start the maintenance will continue to work uninterrupted. However, once we start the upgrade there will be brief periods when students may not be able to sign in and join a session in progress. Teachers may experience trouble initiating a new live session from Namastream. We will do everything in our power to minimize the impact to teachers and students.

Can you switch over to the New Namastream before March 1?
We know you're excited to make the change, but February is just for previewing. New Namastream will officially launch on March 1st.

What will NOT work on the public beta site of

Remember that is a site for you to preview only. There are two things that will not be functional:

  • Custom domains

  • Zoom integration

On March 1, when New Namastream officially launches, both of these features WILL work.

Will the login details change?

Teacher and student login details will not change.

What about your custom domain?

During the public beta in February, it’s business as usual so your custom domain will work as it always has. When we launch New Namastream on March 1st, your custom domain will continue to work.

What do I need to tell my students about the New Namastream?
Your students will continue to access your site as they have been. They'll see the New Namastream when they login on March 1st. They will notice the following changes after the upgrade:

  • A fresh look and feel

  • New studio homepage

  • A student dashboard which makes it easy for students to find the products and courses they own

  • A fresh new event page that features a countdown timer and a much easier checkout process

  • An more intuitive navigation for courses and lessons

What do I need to tell my instructors about the New Namastream?

Your instructors will continue to access your site as they have been. They'll see the New Namastream when they login on March 1st. They will notice the following changes with New Namastream:

  • And updated look and feel

  • The teacher's calendar has been updated

  • Launching live sessions works exactly the same as it does in the current version

Will my studio password I use to secure sensitive parts of my teacher dashboard still work?

Yes, if you have a studio password configured now. then it will continue to work on the New Namastream. We have restricted all areas of the teacher dashboard except the calendar for those who do not have the studio password.

Will the shop be the same for someone who has purchased a membership?

We have created a student dashboard that will place your students' purchased products at the top of their screen when they login to your studio. Existing students can purchase additional products from the Shop or from the featured products on the studio home page.

Will the header image we currently have on the home page automatically be uploaded to the new template?

Yes! The new design uses the colors, images, and text you have already configured on your site. We think they will look beautiful without any changes, but we strongly encourage you to review them and make updates where appropriate.

What are the recommended image dimensions for New Namastream?

  • Logo: 400 x 400px or 800 x 400 px

  • Studio & product covers: 1920 x 600px

  • Product & media thumbnails: 1920 x 1080px

  • Studio profile: 400 x 400px

  • Instructor profile: 400 x 400px

When can we start updating our new site with new images?

Images that exist only on the new site can be updated now without affecting anything on your current site. The new images are: studio profile picture and product specific thumbnails. Other images, like the studio cover image, product cover images, and media thumbnails may be updated, but they will be updated on your current site if you change them now.

Will our brand color and logo need to be updated?

Your site appearance settings will automatically be configured on the new site. However, please note that if you logo does not look beautiful on the new site, you should consider uploading a new 400 x 400px image.

Will my text formatting change with the new interface?

We recommend that you check text formatting on your new site. Remember any changes that you make will also change on your existing site. Please make any formatting changes close to March 1st.

Formatting text has been simplified. New Namastream uses a brand new text editor. The first time you edit text with the new editor, it will convert your existing text to the new format. You may need to fine-tune the formatting after this conversion process. Please double check that it is formatted the way you like before saving. Check that the formatting for your headings, paragraphs, and hyperlinks look correct in the following places:

  • Homepage text

  • Product descriptions

  • Video, audio and PDF media descriptions

  • Lesson descriptions

  • Event descriptions

Can we specify which products are featured on the new homepage? Can we choose the order?

Yes, you can choose which products are highlighted and you can adjust the order of your products. From the teacher dashboard, click on Products, then My Products. Stay on the “All products” tab and drag and drop the products into the order you want them to appear on the studio homepage and in the shop. The first four products are featured on the homepage in the order that you arrange them. Please note that the ordering must be done from the “All products” tab.

Will all of the integrations currently in use be transferred over?

Yes, all of your current integrations will continue to work.

If I have questions, where do you ask them?
It’s important to us that you feel supported while we all transition to the New Namastream. You are welcome to reach out to our support team via chat.

Join a Customer Success Call
We're holding live demos to help you familiarize yourself with the New Namastream. Join one here.

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