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Integrating Stripe (OAuth)
Integrating Stripe (OAuth)
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To connect your Stripe account with Marvelous:

1) Navigate to "Settings" in the bottom left of the screen, and then click "Integration".

2) Select "Stripe".

3) On the Stripe page, select the currency you would like to charge in such as US Dollar, or Euros by clicking on the drop-down. Then click the "Connect Stripe" button.

4) You will be redirected to Stripe where it will prompt you to log in.

5) After logging in, select the account you would like to connect to and press the "Connect" button.

6) After you have connected, you will be redirected back to your shop and you will see the connected label below.

7) You're all done. If you need to schedule your payout from Stripe you can set it up here.

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