New Namastream has officially launched with loads of new features!!

Click here to launch the self-guided tour. You can also join one of our customer success calls this week or book a demo.

What's NEW in the New Namastream?

πŸ’ƒ New Student Site: beautiful new student site that is easy to navigate and showcases your offerings, including a dedicated homepage

πŸ€‘ Optimized Checkout Flow: Streamlined checkout process, designed to improve conversions

πŸ“ˆ New Reporting Engine: Better reporting to get you the information you need to run your business

🏷️ Custom Label Editor: Prefer to use β€˜Live-stream’ instead of β€˜Events’? Well, now you can change any default labels within the platform.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ Additional Admins: With our Studio plan (or higher), you now have the ability to add an additional admin with their own separate login details.

πŸ’» Canva integration: Create your video thumbnails, new logo, or product cover images in Namastream, using our new Canva integration!

πŸ“· Unsplash Integration: Need a gorgeous or artful photo for your new product or media thumbnail? You can now search for one using our custom Unsplash integration.

✏️ New editor: You can use two different text sizes, bullet points and numbers, add a table, plus you can copy and paste images and align left, center, or right.

πŸ”€ Choose Your Font: We’ve added support for 20+ Google fonts to help you customize your studio to match your brand

πŸ‘ Dedicated Product Thumbnails: You can now upload a separate thumbnail for each product offering (no need to make the cover image serve double duty)

πŸ“… Drag and Drop Calendar: You can now reschedule your live-streams and other events in record time by dragging and dropping within your calendar

🀳 Profile Image: You can now upload a circular profile image to appear in the header of your homepage

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