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How to create a payment plan

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Let's create a payment plan together. Before we get started, payment plans are only possible for fixed priced products, and studios using Stripe.

  1. You can either create a new product or edit a previous product. In this example, we will edit a previously created product. Go to the product and click the "Edit product" link.

2. Once inside the product go to the "Pricing" tab. Click on the + Add payment plan.

3. In this example our fixed price was $ 3000.00 for our one-time payment. We want our client to pay an initial amount and the remaining owed will be divided into subsequent payments every 30 days.

Initial payment amount: $100

Number of remaining payments: 4

Subsequent payments amount : $500
​Billing frequency: every 30 days

You will see that in the end, the customer will still pay $3000.00. We also have the option to make the plan secret so that it is not shown on the checkout page.


4. Let's make this plan a secret! (🀫). Toggle the secret plan to Yes. There you will see a secret link that you can share with selected students. Only students with the link can see the payment plan at checkout. This is great if you want to provide a different plan that's not available to the general public.


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