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How to create a tax rate and add to your products

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This article contains how to

Creating new Tax Rates

  1. To create a tax rate navigate to Products > Tax Rates in your Marvelous account.

2. Create New Tax Rate

Complete each section, then click ‘Save’.

Adding your newly created Tax Rate to your products

To add a tax rate to your product navigate to Products > Edit Product > Pricing and scroll down until you see "Taxes". Select the Tax you want to add to the product.

Click ‘Save Product’ in the top right-hand corner.

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At the checkout, once the client has chosen the ‘Type of purchase’, the Sales Tax is automatically calculated and then added to the total price.

Any product that is bought with Sales Tax will appear in the ‘Orders’ section of the site and the ‘Sales Tax’ column will be populated with the sales tax amount.

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