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How to Create a Quiz

Quizzes are only available with the Solo Plan and higher.

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STEP 1: To create a quiz navigate to Products > Quizzes.

STEP 2: Select the "+ Create quiz" to start creating your quiz

STEP 3: Select your desired settings.

This is where you add the title of your quiz, add subtext about the quiz, and choose if the quiz is graded, and what type of notification the student and the teacher received.

( NOTE: this is internal, the students will not see the name you give it)

Note: If you want to let a student view the results of their quiz, make sure to set "Can students view their quiz submissions?" to Yes. If you want them to see the correct answers set "Can students view correct answers in their quiz submissions?" to Yes as well.

Students can see the results from their dashboard by scrolling down. Clicking View next to a quiz will show them their answers ( if you enabled the option for this to Yes ).

STEP 4: Once you’ve completed this section. Click ‘save quiz’ in the top right-hand corner.

STEP 5: To add your questions, go to the Content tab and complete each section.

Fill in the Title of the quiz, the description of the quiz, and what text you want on the button to begin the quiz. (NOTE: the student will see this)

STEP 6: To start creating the sections of your quiz, click on ‘+Add new Question’.

You can choose automatically graded (where the system identifies if the answers are correct or not based on the information you provide upon setting up) or manually graded questions (where you have to manually grade each question).

Note: Each time you’ve finished creating your question, click ‘Save quiz’ in the top right-hand corner of the page.

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