STEP 1: Open the course product that you’d like to add your quiz to.

STEP 2: Click ‘edit product’.

STEP 3: Go to ‘Lessons’.

STEP 4: In the Lessons view, find the lesson you’d like to add the Quiz to and click on Add Quiz

STEP 5: Type in the quiz name and select the quiz from the drop-down. You can also drag and drop the quiz and lesson in any order on the left.

Your quiz will be selected. If it is a quiz that includes manually graded question types, then you have the option to require the quiz to be passed before the student/ client can move to the next lesson.

To make sure that a student has to pass a quiz to proceed to the next lesson or quiz - make sure that these 3 settings are selected:

Under Settings in the quiz you've created, a minimum grade is set.

Under lessons, set "Require passed quiz to continue to next lesson" is switched to Yes.

Under Product Schedule set the lesson before the quiz to "After previous lesson is complete".

If one of those 3 settings are not enabled the student can proceed to the next lesson.

STEP 6: Once you’ve added the quiz to your lesson. Click ‘Save product’.

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